An IRRRL is an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan. It is a VA loan product and is streamlined. IRRRLs are the easiest and most awesome refinance loans there are. No credit underwriting (that’s for debt analysis, but credit still has to be pulled for score), no appraisal, usually no assets, and you reduce your interest rate (assuming your current VA loan rate is higher than the current market rate). Simple. They are awesome. If you haven’t looked into one lately, give me a call. They only take a couple weeks to do at most.


Nothing to post here yet. They are pretty much “no brainer” loans. If you currently have a VA loan and can reduce your interest rate and lower your monthly payments without an appraisal and with a fraction of the underwriting process and close in just a couple weeks…? Sorry, I was pausing because I thought you were about to call me. So call me. ūüôā